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TradeX Token is created by that only supports projects built on blockchain technologies having its real life utility. TradeX Token takes away the fear of your data being stolen, your identity being sold or your credit card being charged without your authorization.

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TradeX Token gives you the opportunity to have your own cryptocurrency. Through the electronic commerce of trading and mining, you can generate thousands of dollars in digital gold called cryptocurrency and, thus, evolve in your financial freedom. .


TradeX Exchange

Buy, Sell or Trade with peer-to-peer.

Payment Gateway

Making cryptocurrency payments for any products and services

TXH Tokens v1

Decentralized Blood Management Protocol

Multi Currency Smart Wallet

Now spend your cryptocurrencies from your mobile device



Cryptocurrencies are a global phenomenon that have been appearing with greater force in developed and emerging economies. .

Digital currencies are an active means of payment. They are divisible, durable, easy to verify, difficult to forge, portable and easy to transfer.

The Cryptocurrency market is very active The cryptocurrency market is very active with more than 700 digital currency schemes competing with each other but all are governed by Bitcoin.

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Now you can earn money wherever you are and whenever you want with these app features:

  • Edit your profile
  • Register new member
  • Check your earnings
  • Request cashout



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TradeX Token will be released on the basis of Ethereum and Bitcoin platforms. It has compatibility with third-party services wallets and exchanges and provides easy-to-use integration.

Total Supply

500,000,000 TXH

Crowd Sale

250,000,000 TXH

Private Sale

75,000,000 TXH


50,000,000 TXH


75,000,000 TXH

Team Retainment

January 2020 (Date TBA)

Issue Price


Our Roadmap RoadMap

Phase 1. 2018 - Research on crypto trading platform for everyone.

Phase 2. 2019 - Planning and Execution of Incorporation of the Company in United Kingdom

Phase 3. 2019 - Tie up with Bank & Payment processor and Advisory Team

Phase 4. 2019 - Development of TradeX Token, Investors Portal and onboarding of Developers

Phase 5. 2019 - Beginning of Private sale through with the launch of Whitepaper.

Phase 6. 2019 - Launch of STO,Listing of token on Exchanges

Phase 7. 2019 - Launch of TradeX DApp, Development continues

Phase 8. 020 - MVP launching of Donorchain Protocol.

Phase 9. 2020 - Development Continue for TradeX Decentralized Gaming Portal.

Phase 10. 2020 - Development continue to explore and increase the utility of TradeX Token

Phase 11. 2020 - Launch of TradeX Decentralized Gaming Portal.

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